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Configuration APIs, make it easy to collect multi-source information flows and then to reprocess and standardise them. You have a Data Dictionary and access to the architecture of your data. Your data is collected, unified, standardised and structured in a secure and scalable environment thanks to the Cloud.
Data governance is reliable thanks to strict compliance with the standards governing personal data. Data and consent are dynamically managed in the single customer repository and in their own integrity: traceability, portability, anonymisation. Meteors Data platforms enable D.P.O.’s to manage processes and data.

Analyse des audiences, schéma décisionnels, automation marketing, moteur de fidélité : autant de leviers pour activer efficacement vos données et augmenter les conversions. Personnalisation des messages et gratifications des actions sont autant de possibilités offertes par les plateformes de Meteors.

In SaaS mode or integrated into your environment, Meteors platforms meet the challenges of IT departments and their need to map and control internal and external data flows. Business teams can rely on KPIs and dashboards designed to measure and monitor activity in real time.


Data is the new fuel for companies. Based on algorithms born of university research, Meteors Datascience Platform makes it possible to predict behaviour and measure the efficiency of actions (digital campaigns, marketing performance, etc.) and to reallocate budgets effectively.
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