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Unleash the potential of your data

Converting its data assets into efficient and measurable actions while guaranteeing the protection of customer data has become a key issue for companies and institutions.

Meteors platforms connect data and meet the requirements of budget tracking in a legal environment (GDPR), giving brands the ability to personalise their messages and measure their impact.

Meteors is the only cloud platform capable of delivering an omnichannel experience and unifying, protecting and managing personal data. It provides economic independence in managing investments and profitability in campaign activation.

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Our platforms allow you to :

Save time

gain de temps
Easily retrieve all your reprocessed and secured customer data in a RGPD by design environment.

Increase conversion rate

gain de conversion
Activate your data and increase conversions with proven campaign and loyalty management tools.

Increase efficiency

gain d'efficacite
Measure on a daily basis the profitability and effectiveness of your omnichannel campaigns thanks to our attribution engine.

Research and innovation

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